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Hiking paradise Spieljoch

Wanderparadies Spieljoch

You've come to the right address if you would like to combine great views of the Ziller valley with fun, excitement and variation. The hiking paradise Spieljoch offers all that. Although the area is called hiking paradise, it can also be reached by gondola. No need to struggle your way up, should the children have no patience and rather proceed to the climbing crag straight away. 

Onto the climbing crag with great skill

In total there are ten different climbing routes available. For children and youngsters a unique experience, during which they can thoroughly enjoy themselves in the clean mountain air and exhibit their skilfullness. The climbing crag is located at the valley station of the Spieljochbahn and it offers a unique panoramic view. A barefoot adventure trail leads to the nearby Spieljoch. 

Events at the Spieljoch

Hiking paradise Spieljoch is not only an appealing and exciting excursion destination for children and families.  Besides regular children's events, guided tours, nordic walking tours and concert take place. The tourist mine Spieljoch offers exciting insights into the mining world. The valley station at the Spieljoch is the starting and end point of many hiking routes through the Ziller valley. 

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