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Tourist cheese dairy Fügen

Schaukäserei Fügen

Guaranteed that a visit to the show cheese dairy Fügen in the Ziller valley will be an exciting event for the whole family. The alpine dairy, the so-called Sennerei, the place where butter, butter milk, cheese and yoghurt are being processed has a lot more to offer than a tour of the dairy.  It also offers a cheese making  museum, a screening and various fascinating details about the dairy. 

Life of the dairy farmers

Life of the dairy farmers, whose farms are high up in the mountains consists of physically hard and time consuming work, even today. But it is the only way in order to produce milk that is healthy and natural. The cows graze in the alpine pastures, eat varied herbs, fresh grass and they drink the water from the mountain streams.

Cheese production a hundred years ago

In older days everything was done manually in the dairy.  The dairy museum shows the changes over the years, then and now. After an interesting guided tour of the dairy, one can savour the fresh products. Afterwards, the best dairy products can be purchased in the farm shop, to take home as a souvenir. 

Detailed weather forecasts for the villages Fügen, Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Mayrhofen and Tux.