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Kerzenwelt (World of candles) Ramsau

Kerzenwelt Ramsau

In the World of candles (Kerzenwelt) in Ramsau the visitors can admire a wide variety of artfully dipped and embellished candles, but also set their hand at candle dipping and demonstrate their creativity. Dipping candles is a handicraft that goes back a 100 years and that is still kept up and practised nowadays. 

Perfumed flowers and Christmas candles

The candles that are produced in Ramsau vary from traditional and rustic to decorative, perfumed models in all sizes and colour variations. It is amazing to see what a skilful hand can make with candle wax.  Individual candles are made for the most varying occasions, including Christmas, christening and wedding - or as decorative gift idea to be used at home. 

Kerzenwelt Ramsau is an ode to candles; it shows the handicraft and art through time and proves, that it takes much more than we could have imagined. 

Wax museum

In order to offer the visitor further information regarding wax as a material, Kerzenwelt Ramsau also accommodates a wax museum, exhibiting old hand-made wax figures. Here one can have a close look at this tradition. 

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