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The Ziller valley regional museum

Experience tradition

Zillertaler Regionalmuseum
© Gemeinde Zell am Ziller

The Ziller valley regional museum gives the visitors an impression of the simple farmer's  life our ancestors led. An entire farm has been relocated to its present location in Zell am Ziller. 

The original location of the Ental farm, that houses the museum, was in Burgstall/Schwendau where it was deconstructed in order to be built up again  meticulously in Zell.   We learned from the so-called "Firstbaum", part of the roof, that the Ental farm was built in 1713. Generations of farmers worked and lived here, until the farm was turned into a museum in 1991.

Ever since the Ental farm was built up again in Zell, it is being extended continuously. The so-called Machkammer displays farming tools covering 300 years of farming life. A court chapel, a peasant oven, a well,  a garden, a hut, where Schnaps was distilled - all of them laid out, reproduced in facsimile. 

The Ziller valley regional museum is history as it was, with lots of love for detail, an exciting excursion for the entire family. 

Detailed weather forecasts for the villages Fügen, Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Mayrhofen and Tux.