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Brass bands

Ziller valley brass bands

Zillertaler Musikkapellen

Brass band music has a long tradition in the Ziller valley. Almost every village in the Ziller valley has its own brass band. Generally the brass bands consist of a considerable number of active musicians, who - dressed in the traditional Ziller valley costumes -  give many church-related and worldly event a special, festive touch.  Regularly open air concerts are being held during summer, making a welcome change for the guest. Not only do the Ziller valley musicians dress to impress, the repertoire of the music, they play covers traditional march music as well as challenging music pieces of international artists. 

The local brass bands play an essential role in community life in the villages. The Ziller vally brass bands focus on the training of young musicians and offer them a good musical education and a community life, in which people of all ages and from all walks of life share the same passion: joy of music.


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