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Mayrhofen - Hippach

Excursion destination in the holiday region Mayrhofen - Hippach (Hippach, Brandberg, Ginzling, Mayrhofen, Ramsau, Schwendau)

Museum Strasserhäusl

Museum Strasserhäusl

The Strasserhäusl was built in the year 1714 and is a listed building. It is well-known due to its wonderful collection of country antiques, but mainly to the fact that the Strasser family children sang the song "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" (Silent Night, Holy Night) here in the year 1832, after which it found its way to Leipzig and around the world.
World of candles (Kerzenwelt) Ramsau

Kerzenwelt (World of candles) Ramsau

In the World of candles (Kerzenwelt) in Ramsau the visitors can admire a wide variety of artfully dipped and embellished candles, but also set their hand at candle dipping and demonstrate their creativity. Dipping candles is a handicraft that goes back a 100 years and that is still kept up and practised nowadays.
Experience alpine dairy Ziller valley

Experience alpine dairy (Sennerei) Ziller valley

Slightly outside of the village Mayrhofen, in the district of Hollenzen is where the experience alpine dairy Ziller valley, the so-called Sennerei Zillertal, is located. From afar one can see the spotted cows on the Sennerei, indicating there is something special to see there: a transparant 6000 sq m large plant that processes milk and produces cheese and grants its visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.
Schnaps distilleries in the holiday region Mayrhofen - Hippach

Schnaps distilleries

For hundreds of years various types of fruit brandy have been manufactured. The Schnaps is made by fermentation and destillation of several fruit varieties.