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Experience alpine dairy (Sennerei) Ziller valley

Experience. Alpine dairy (Sennerei). Ziller valley!

Erlebnis Sennerei Zillertal
© Sennerei Zillertal

Slightly outside of the village Mayrhofen, in the district of Hollenzen is where the experience alpine dairy Ziller valley, the so-called Sennerei Zillertal, is located.  From afar one can see the spotted cows on the Sennerei, indicating there is something special to see there: a transparant 6000 sq m large plant that processes milk and produces cheese and grants its visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.

Delicious variety in milk and cheese specialities

The experience dairy farm, owned by the Kröll family, only uses fresh milk, supplied by the mountain farmers in the surrounding area. A genuine nature product, here is where the cows eat fresh alpine grass, alpine herbs and the best hay. And it shows, not only in the quality of the milk, but also at a later stage, in the milk and cheese specialities. 

Milk bar, restaurant and farm shop

After the visitors have visited the Sennerei, they can take a rest on the terrace of the restaurant and, while being surrounded by a unique scenery,  enjoy the products of the dairy farm. Gourmet menus are also offered and the visitors have the opportunity to purchase fresh delicacies in the farm's shop. After all, one would like to convince oneself, if the local product really taste better. The answer should not be long in coming. Enjoy!

Detailed weather forecasts for the villages Fügen, Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Mayrhofen and Tux.