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Natural monument Spannagel cave

Into the mountain: natural monument Spannagel cave

Naturdenkmal Spannagelhöhle
© Archiv Tourismusverband Tux-Finkenberg

The Spannagel cave is located at the Hintertux glacier that measures an until now registered length of over 10 km and is the largest cave within the central Alps. The tour of the cave stretches over 500 metres and is a unique event for both adults and children.

Healing air and marble

If you have ever visited a cave, you will probably remember the unusual climatic cave conditions. Cave air contains various healing minerals that are being transported into the lungs by the moist air and that can also be used with the treatments of long diseases. 

Origin of the cave

Part of the tour is an explanation of how the cave, its fauna and flora came into existence. How are they formed: the stalagmites and stalacites or the rare excentriques on the cave walls that obviously ignore gravity.  Information about research in the cave - that for the most part can only be accessed by divers - is also impressive and shows that man can only defy forces of nature with skills, knowledge and courage. The adjacent museum also pays attention to these cave visits by displaying the cave findings. 

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