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Nature's Ice Palace in the Hintertux glacier

Natureispalast am Hintertuxer Gletscher
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Here is where Mother Nature was busy constructing - and kept her masterpiece hidden from us for a long time. It was in the year 2007 and by pure coincidence when Roman Erler discovered the glacial crevasse, now called nature's ice palace (Natur Eis Palast). 

Flowing ice

A glacier is never at a standstill, it always moves and changes its shape. Even when the awesome ice galleries and ice rooms are located at approx. 25 meter beneath the runs of the Gefrorenen Wand, no one can predict how long the ice palace will be there to visit. 

Glass stairs and walk of ice

The accessible section of the glacial crevasse is divided in various parts that were partly extended with stairs. Enormous ice crystals, crystal chambers, flawless ice formations: here one can gaze in amazement and witness how versatile water can be, showing its various shapes and fascinating interaction with light. 

Guided tours

The tour of the ice palace will take approx. 60 minutes. The ice palace can easily be accessed via the valley station with glacier bus 3. Sturdy shoes and a coat are required. Children, 8 years of age and over are very welcome. A  visit to the ice palace should not be missed. After all, what is cooler than telling back home that one had a relaxing stay inside a glacial crevasse?

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