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The Tux mill

Side-trip into old traditions

Tuxer Mühle

The fact that hardly any fairytale or saga lacks a mill, can lead to the conclusion that mills used to play a major role in people's live in past times. Being able to grind corn into flour: it meant that people had something to eat. No mill - no flour, no flour - no bread. 

During a visit to the Tux mill guests will be informed about the times, during which farmers had to rely on making their own food. The mill was built in the year 1839 and has been faithfully restored after that. Even today the mill is being operated from hydropower, as it is customary in the mountains. 

From corn to flower

In bygone days, a lot of people used to grow their own grains. Even up in the mountains it was possible to grow barley, with quantities large enough to supply the own family. The people came to the mills, gave the miller the grains and got their barley flour, with which they baked their own bread or pastries. Even todays the Tux mill is in operation and tourists can purchase a small bag with flour as a souvenir. 

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