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High rope course

Hochseilgarten in Gerlos

The high rope course is one big adventure for children and young people. Here, in the open countryside, they can show their skills and burn themselves out.

The sensation, to move through the wood, get closer to the treetops and the sky, to "hug" nature and trees in the true sense of the word, to balance skilfully  - all this is fun and learning at the same time. Parents always need solid arguments, to persuade the children in joining them on a hiking tour.  Fewer words are needed though, when the destination of the tour will be the high rope course in Gerlos. 

Tight rope garden

Needless to say that safety comes first here, as can be expected in and around a tight rope garden. The tight rope garden consists of a combination of ropes and tree trunks, and passing these requires a certain level of manoeuvring ability. Those, who head for the course, can expect excitement and adventure, the moment they will "lose their footing on terra firma".  By prior appointment a training session with a qualified teacher is also possible.

Detailed weather forecasts for the villages Fügen, Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Mayrhofen and Tux.