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Tourist gold mine Zell im Zillertal

Goldschaubergwerk Zell im Zillertal
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Gold has always fascinated man, has been reason for many wars, but also the basis for prosperity, wealth, culture and creation. Located in Zell am Ziller is the tourist gold mine Hainzenberg that offers an appealing guided tour, providing inside information regarding mining and mining history. 

The guide tour kicks off with a visit to the Hochzeller Käsealm, located in the 150 years old and built according to the original Almhütte (alpine hut). There you will find old tools and other utensiles used for the production of cheese in those days. 

Before continuing to the tunnel, the visitors will be informed about all kinds of details regarding 350 years of gold minung through a multimedia presentation that will also give an impression of the tough working conditions underground and the lives of the people who worked there. The political conflicts between Salzburg and Tyrol will also be commented on; wherever there was gold, politics, economy and church played a major role. The total duration of the guided tour is approx. 2 hours. 

Detailed weather forecasts for the villages Fügen, Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Mayrhofen and Tux.